Transitional Justice

INTERNSHIP Transitional Justice (JT)

The prerequisites necessary to participate in this course are:

  • Be medically fit to follow the entire internship;
  • Be interested in peace support missions;
  • Master the French language;
  • Work in the field of human rights and / or justice;
  • Be likely to hold a job in a peace support operation in Africa.

Objectives of the Internship:

The general objective of the course on transitional justice is to allow participants to acquire fundamental notions about transitional justice. It will be for participants:

become familiar with the pillars of transitional justice;
know the mechanisms underlying the transitional justice processes as well as the actors involved;
equip them to enable them to participate in the implementation of transitional justice processes;

General organization of the internship:

  • The internship lasts one week,
  • The internship is conducted in French,
  • The course is open to soldiers, civilians and police of both sexes.

Discussed subjects:

to be continued

Special point:

to be continued