United Nations Logistics (UNLOG)

The prerequisites necessary to participate in this course are:
be medically fit to follow the entire course and in particular the exercises in the field,
be a commanding officer or lieutenant-colonel graduate from the staff,
have solid knowledge in the field of logistics,
master the French or English language,
be likely to hold a logistics job in a peace support operation in Africa.
Objective of the internship:
Give the trainee the additional knowledge and skills necessary to enable him to be deployed as a logistics officer in the context of a peace support operation.

Discussed subjects :
Introduction: organization of the African Union (AU), presentation of the African Standby Force (FAA),
characteristics of Peace Support Operations (PSO), United Nations logistics.
Regulatory framework for operations: Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), Status of Force Agreement (SOFA),
Integrated Logistics Support, Host Nation Support (HNS).
Work procedures: tactical reasoning method, logistical planning, standards, orders and reports.
Logistic functions: movement, maintenance, supply, infrastructure, human support, medical support, fuel support.
Indoor logistics exercise.
Visit to logistics sites: Bamako airport, railway station, container terminal, logistics warehouse.
General organization of the internship:
the course is open to both men and women.
start of the course on Monday at 07:30 am: welcome from the director, photo of the class, administrative formalities.
working hours: Monday to Friday from 07:30 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 17:00.
a cultural tour of Bamako is organized on Saturday morning.
free time on Saturday afternoon and Sunday.
end of the internship on the second Friday at 12 noon after the graduation ceremony.
Special point:
Each trainee has 20 minutes to succinctly present their country, their armed forces (for the military) or the organization to which they belong (for civilians) with an emphasis on their logistics component. It is advisable to prepare this presentation before joining Bamako.
Civilian personnel, interested in following the training and who meet the selection criteria, must send their CV along with the registration form to the following address candidaturesciviles@empbamako.org - mentioning in the subject line the name of the course . Out of 25 participants, 13 are civilians. Each trainee receives in advance all documents relating to the internship and all important readings to allow the intern to optimize his internship week. It is advisable to prepare and read the documentation before joining the course.