Assistance to the Electoral Process (EPA)


The prerequisites necessary to participate in this course are:

Be medically fit to follow the entire internship;
Be interested in peace support missions;
Master the French language;
Working in EMBs, human rights and / or justice
Be likely to hold a job in a peace support operation in Africa.
Objectives of the Internship:

The objective of the course on supporting the electoral process is to equip participants with

knowledge necessary for the organization of an election by identifying the different

actors and their roles and also master the different activities carried out in the phases of a

election in particular:

The pre-electoral phase
The electoral phase
The post-electoral phase
General organization of the internship:

The internship lasts two weeks,
The internship is conducted in French
The course is open to soldiers, civilians and police of both sexes.
Discussed subjects:

Module 1: History of political elections
Module 2: Legal framework
Module 3: The Electoral Process
Module 4: Electoral Systems
Module 5: Election Administration (EMB)
Module 6: Political parties and candidates
Module 7: Gender and elections
Module 8: Electoral register and voter registration
Module 9: The electoral division
Module 10: Election planning
Module 11: Election and technologies
Module 12: Election Logistics
Module 13: Costs and financing of elections
Module 14: Electoral training
Module 15: Civic education & electoral awareness
Module 16: Media and Elections
Module 17: Design of electoral assistance
Module 18: Securing elections
Module 19: Role of PSOs in the electoral process
Module 20: Field coordination of EPA operations
Module 21: Election observation
Module 22: Electoral disputes
Module 23: Crises and electoral violence
Module 24: Crisis prevention and management mechanisms
Special point:

Practical exercises are organized to supplement theoretical knowledge.

Each trainee has 20 minutes to briefly present their country, their strengths

armed forces (for the military) or the organization to which it belongs (for civilians). It is

advisable to prepare this presentation before joining Bamako.