About the Director

Colonel Souleymane Sangare
Colonel Souleymane Sangare
Knight of the National Order

Dear dedicated members of the Peace Support Community, allow me, on the threshold of the New Year and on behalf of all the staff of the Alioune Blondin BEYE Peacekeeping School (EMP-ABB), to wish you a happy holiday season in 2023 and ask you to receive our best wishes for the year 2024. It is with immense pleasure that I send you these words full of optimism and determination, as we continue our noble mission in the service of peace, security and development.
Just as in the past, peace remains the compass that guides our steps towards the creation of a more just and harmonious world. In this journey, each actor, whether learner, facilitator, collaborator, technical and/or financial partner, plays a crucial role. Thus, our commitment to peace transcends sub-regional borders, to extend to the whole of Africa, and even beyond.
Furthermore, academic excellence remains the foundation on which our positive influence rests. We believe in the transformative power of learning, not only to broaden the spectrum of our knowledge, but also to arm all stakeholders with the skills necessary to resolve the complex challenges facing Africa, and particularly the States of the Sahel belt. -Saharan are confronted.
In many respects, the year which is ending will have seen political instabilities, organized crime, the harms of climate change, inter-community conflicts and terrorist acts, peaking at levels rarely equaled on the continent. Anything that requires an adaptation of our training offers and the means to do so.
Thus, through its new strategic framework which will cover the period 2024-2028, the EMP-ABB intends to intensify its capacity building actions while expanding its partnership network to impact a greater number of civil actors. , police and military. To do this, it will continue the digitalization, already well underway, in order to broaden the range of online sessions, thereby gaining in efficiency and audience.
Furthermore, in its capacity as a space of inspiration, advocacy, research and analysis, our institution is positioned at the heart of questions of peace, security and development in the Sahelo-Saharan space. And it is by joining forces that we will fully achieve this mission because each structure, with its unique perspectives, constitutes an essential link towards the emergence of a dynamic and inclusive community.
Together, let’s embrace diversity, show empathy and act with conviction. May each day be an opportunity to cultivate peace, strengthen our commitment to excellence, and inspire future generations to rise above differences to create a world of harmony and understanding.
Happy New Year 2024 to all!

Long live Africa united in peace!