Training of Trainers (ToT)

The prerequisites necessary to participate in this course are:
be medically fit to follow the entire course and in particular the exercises in the field,
Have been identified as a potential instructor at the Peacekeeping School,
master the French or English language and have a good knowledge of the other,
be available for the Peacekeeping School.
Objectives of the Internship:
The training courses for trainers are dedicated to temporary instructors from the Peacekeeping School who reinforce permanent supervision throughout the year. After a few reminders of pedagogy, most of the internship is devoted to learning new courses and updating certain modules.

General organization of the internship:
The internship lasts one week
The internship is conducted in French and English
The course is intended for temporary EMP instructors
Discussed subjects:
Familiarization with teaching methods at EMP
Familiarization with EMP facilities
Course review
Updating courses
Exercises during which instructors “work” on EMP courses