Material belonging to the Contingent (MAC)

The prerequisites necessary to participate in this course are:
be medically fit to follow the entire course and in particular the field exercises
be a captain-to-lieutenant-colonel (staff graduate) officer, police officer or civilian
have solid knowledge in the field of material management and logistics
master the French or English language
be likely to hold a material management or logistics job in a peace support operation in Africa
Objective of the internship:
The purpose of the internship is to give soldiers, police and civilians in the field of materiel management, the knowledge allowing them to better understand the conditions and the process of reimbursement of materiel belonging to their country and to equip them better with negotiation methods. a memorandum of understanding (MOU)

Discussed subjects:
The main part of the training revolves around the following points:

Mission environment: general organization of the United Nations; introduction to PSOs; the permanent mission and the responsibilities of the military adviser, Logistical organization of the mission HQ, logistical challenges of the African States, Verification procedure, Mission factor.
Support organization: autonomous support, major equipment, personnel; health support, letter of allocation, and Memorandum of Understanding, change from one organization to another, the movement control section of the DAM, loss and deterioration.
Scenario: MIRABILIA, and Bambari
Exercises and case study: "Exercise in progress the Mission", Major equipment, Military police, Preparation of the negotiation of the MOU in the room.
General organization of the internship:
the five-day course is open to both men and women.
start of the course on Monday at 07:30 am: welcome from the director, photo of the class, administrative formalities.
working hours: Monday to Friday from 07:30 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 17:00.
end of the internship on the second Friday at 12 noon after the graduation ceremony.
Special point:
Each trainee has 30 minutes to briefly present their country and their armed forces, emphasizing the types of military equipment used by weapon. It is advisable to prepare this presentation before joining Bamako. Civilian personnel, interested in following the training and who meet the selection criteria, must send their CV along with the registration form to the following address - mentioning in the subject line the name of the course . Out of 25 participants, 13 are civilians. Each trainee receives in advance all documents relating to the internship and all important readings to allow the intern to optimize his internship week. It is advisable to prepare and read the documentation before joining the course.