The prerequisites necessary to participate in this course are:
be physically able to follow the entire internship and in particular the field exercises,
be an officer of rank captain to lieutenant-colonel, police or civilian personnel of equivalent level,
master the French and / or English language (understanding both languages ​​is an asset),
be in service or likely to be deployed in peacebuilding operations or to participate in conflict management processes in Africa.
Objective of the internship:
The purpose of this internship is to provide concrete and multidisciplinary training in the field of peacebuilding in order to improve the knowledge of participants and / or prepare them for their deployment.
This course offers a multidisciplinary and interactive training program, allowing to acquire a broad knowledge of the theoretical and practical aspects of peacebuilding, combining the following objectives:

training to deal with the root and structural causes of armed conflict through a holistic approach;
developing the capacities and skills of participants to meet the challenges of peacebuilding more effectively, cooperatively and with understanding, as practitioners or decision-makers;
deepening participants' understanding of threats to peace and security in the context of post-conflict reconstruction;
developing an approach based on taking diversity management into account in a multidimensional and multicultural environment
Discussed subjects:
Conflict analysis: causes, prevention and transformation.
Transition management: between the signing of peace agreements and the establishment of democratic institutions.
Political, security and humanitarian dimensions of integrated field missions.
Rule of law and transitional justice.
Communication and role of the media.
Mission management.
Exercises: the course allows you to alternate theories and practices with, at the end of the training, sending the trainees to the field, as a member of the United Nations for peacebuilding in Merango (fictitious state in post-conflict situation ) for the implementation of the action plan developed over the two weeks.
General organization of the internship:
the internship is open to both men and women,
all costs related to the internship are borne by the EMPABB and its partners, the internship lasts 2 weeks,
start of the course on Monday at 07:30 a.m .: welcome message from the director, promotion photo, administrative formalities,
working hours: Monday to Friday from 07:30 to 12:30 and from 14:00 to 18:00,
a field trip to the headquarters of the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali
a cultural tour of Bamako is organized on Saturday [morning] of the 1st week,
free time on Saturday afternoon and Sunday,
end of the internship on the second Friday at 12 noon after the graduation ceremony.
Special point:
Civilian personnel, interested in following the training and who meet the above-mentioned selection criteria, must send their CV along with the registration form to the following address - mentioning in the subject line the name of the traineeship. Out of 25 participants, 13 to 17 are civilians. Each trainee receives in advance all documents relating to the internship and all important readings to allow the intern to optimize [his] 2 weeks of internship. It is advisable to prepare and read the documentation before joining the course.