Military Observer Internship (MilObs)

This course is reserved for the armed forces and the security forces only!

The prerequisites necessary to participate in this course are:
be medically fit to follow the entire course and in particular the field exercises (day and night),
be an officer from captain to lieutenant-colonel,
be under 50,
master the French or English language (basic English is essential),
be likely to hold a job as a military observer in a peace support operation in Africa.
Objective of the internship:
The purpose of the internship is to prepare the officers for operational deployment and to master the tasks assigned to military observers on mission in a multinational context. The application of skills is systematically sought by numerous field exercises during which the trainees are subjected to living and working conditions close to reality.

Discussed subjects:
Mission environment: United Nations organization and structure, human rights, legal instruments, actors on the ground, vulnerable groups, risks and threats.
Generic know-how: ethics, conducting negotiations, working with the media, DDR process, conducting a survey, stress management.
MILOBS techniques: operational base, observation post, observation report, patrol, radio procedure, use of GPS, neutralization of a weapon, identification of machines / aircraft, mine danger, vehicle maintenance, administration and logistics.
First aid: 3-day module organized by the Malian Red Cross.
Final field exercise: restitution of knowledge acquired during a 48-hour mission.
General organization of the internship:
the course is open to both men and women.
the internship lasts 4 weeks.
start of the course on Monday at 07:30 am: welcome from the director, photo of the class, administrative formalities.
working hours: Monday to Friday from 07:30 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 17:00.
free time on Saturday and Sunday (a cultural tour of Bamako is organized on a Saturday morning).
end of the internship on the last Friday at 12 noon at the end of the graduation ceremony.
Special point:
Each trainee has 30 minutes to present his country succinctly. It is advisable to prepare this presentation before joining Bamako.