Triple closing of internships with panache a few minutes ago in Bamako.
Indeed, it was the end of schooling for the promotions "Gender Post-Conflict 03-2015", "United Nations Police 05-2015" and "UN Battalion Command Post 03-2015". Started three weeks ago for the military and two weeks for the others, these training actions financed thanks to the generosity of the Netherlands and Germany have made it possible to instruct 103 trainees on the benches of the school, but also at the Bamako Police Academy.

Note that 14 African countries have benefited from these training courses, the vast majority of whom are Malians from the Dressed Corps.

The Ambassador of the Netherlands and the First Counselor of the Embassy of Germany thus lent themselves to the game of handing out school certificates to some elements of each of the promotions. According to the Internship Directors, the professional objectives assigned to the hundred or so interns were well achieved after, often, long evenings of rich and focused collective work.

Everything will start again, from Monday morning, with the opening of a new "PC-BAT" course, the fourth of its name for this year (a record) as well as a new "Security Sector Reform" course that Japan has wanted to entrust to us.
An impressive family photo of the three promotions gathered around the CEO