Visit of the school and during 48 hours of our friends of the Training Center of the Armed Forces of Sweden, the SWEDINT. The Swedish evaluation delegation visited our facilities in every corner, met Pan-African and MINUSMA interns, asked questions of everyone and, finally, declared themselves very satisfied with their visit to Bamako.

Indeed, in our common viewfinder is a future technical cooperation project, aimed at relocating to Mali internships currently domiciled in the country of Bernadotte. Among these, “Protection des Civils”, “UN Civilian Staff Officer Course” training and, of course, the essential “Civil-Military-Relationship”, of which Sweden is proud to have a very good expertise.

In the end, the SWEDINT delegation returned to its Scandinavian lands with our cooperation proposals under their arm, including of course our friends from MINUSMA who are also primarily interested in these possible training courses. 'EMP. The three parties hope to be able, after studying the data collected, to materialize this first assessment process through a firm and effective cooperation partnership. Results within a few months, fingers crossed while waiting!