Since the beginning of the week, an important medical seminar has been held within the walls of the school.

This is the "Third Scientific Days of the Central Directorate of the Health Service of the Armed Forces of Mali". Bringing together more than 150 participants, military doctors, pharmacists, scientists, managers or logisticians, these Days constitute an excellent laboratory for the exchange of experiences on advances in military medicine in West Africa, with the presence of researchers who sometimes come from far away.

Thus, for Mali, it was an excellent opportunity to present its latest "telemedicine" or "remote medicine" tool, which provides a medical assistance service to troops deployed in the field, as soon as they have a secure connection to exchange data, voices and images. It is then possible to guide the isolated doctor in a surgical act from a terminal several hundred kilometers away.

Finally, one of the themes addressed this year consisted of taking into account and treating post-combat psychological trauma.