Closing this morning at the school of the second course "Reform of the Security Sector" jointly organized by MINUSMA and the EMP. Indeed, after last week's edition, a third and final training will take place within our walls next week.

Entirely reserved for staff from Malian civil society, including staff from the National Assembly, this course aims above all to provide relevant tools to those who may need them to better understand the full range of SSR and, if necessary, become responsible actors for the inter-Malian peace agreements, signed a year ago now.

Thus, 20 young people (and not so young) from the country who, during these few days, received the good word of the experts of the school, but also of the RSS office of the UN mission in Mali, politicians and other players in this delicate specialty.

After the 20 trainees from last week and the 20 additional from this new promotion, soon 60 people will have been trained and who will spread the good word where it is needed, ie everywhere.