Work of all kinds continues at school.

After consolidating the surrounding walls to reinforce anti-burglary security, it was decided to give our most visible symbol, the “Dove of Peace”, a bit of a facelift.

Sitting on the fountain in the center of the school, the dove really needed a little freshening up. In particular, the school badge with its baobab tree and its motto were well washed out and a good lick of paint was in order.

That's it, it's a Bamako craftsman very proud of his work who has just put on our beautiful badge, on which we can again read the school motto, "Africa United For Peace ".

For information, the "Dove of Peace" is undoubtedly one of the favorite shots of trainees who pass through the walls of the EMP: it is found on many social network profiles, as an identity photo. This undoubtedly contributes to the fame of your favorite school!