Reform of the security sector: The EMP equips around twenty women from the Women's Pool of Expertise

Started on November 02, the training on security sector reform (SSR) ended on Friday, November 13, 2020 within the grounds of the Peacekeeping School (EMP).
First of its kind (since the school since its creation had never trained only civilians and moreover women according to the statements of the first officials), this training which concerned women from Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso, is considered special since it was necessary to take into account everything that was related to gender, everything that was related to female leadership underlined the director of the said training and moreover one of the instructors (instead of teacher), policeman, principal commissioner, consultant and trainer Aboubacar Sokona and to continue that this consisted in first knowing the SSR in a general way, and finally knowing when to integrate the gender dimension in the SSR (these two necessary notions which constitute the two main components of SSR).

The choice made for this school is no accident, replied with firmness, confidence and fearlessly the representative of DDG (Danish Demining Group), Linda Joelle Bauma.
For her, the EMP has expertise in security (since it has the best instructors in Bamako), also has infrastructure facilities, its capacity to be able to support members of the Vivier and it is also an international establishment of training.
And speaking of training, Sokona did not hesitate to provide advice to these trainees in this regard.
Indeed, he urged the women of the Vivier to use the knowledge acquired, because according to him, one thing is to have knowledge, another, is to use it, which is why, in order to be better understood, he s 'is referred to the words of Aristotle: "excellence is an art that we acquire that by constant exercise, he adds by saying we are what we do repeatedly, experience is therefore not an action but a habit ”.

On top of that, he invited women to be a team and not a group because for him a Vivier is meant to be a team instead of a group "so that's a very important aspect and beyond this, I will advise you to use the knowledge. You have just acquired knowledge in RSS, it is up to you to put into practice the theoretical knowledge acquired in the field, which will help achieve the objectives of the Vivier ”.
Sokona who returned to the atmosphere which was really friendly, further mentioned that his expectations had been met through the results of the pre-test and the post-test while noting a clear improvement on all participants. was really friendly, good-natured; there was commitment, love (this is what even played a positive role in the group work, the exercises and we were able to combine theory and practice. And it is also one of the rare times that "we have a class that is XNUMX% female, which is not frequent here (the school has integrated internships and there is no internship composed only of female staff".

Some beneficiaries give their opinion at the end of the training.
Fatoumata Idrissa Maiga, member of Vivier Mali, animated by a feeling of joy and above all of gratitude, underlined having retained many things, because, according to her, as a leader, she really wants to participate in SSR.
“This feeling of joy results from the fact that, during these two weeks, there was sharing of experiences and learning with the instructors at the EMP level and also with our other sisters and colleagues from Burkina and Niger. ", did she say.
Same story for the Nigerian Aichatou Ranaou, in addition to being very satisfied with the content of the program, its quality and the motivation of the instructors, indicated that according to her understanding, SSR concerned everyone, that it did not 'was not only reserved for uniform wearers, the armed forces and that as actors of civil society, they had their role to play "and I also remembered that it is important that we get involved, that we equip ourselves to contribute to a good reform of the security sector; equipped in the sense that all our countries are affected by the problems of war, we must necessarily get involved with the necessary tools ”.
It is the same for Djénéba Sidibé / Sangaré who feels very "enriched" at the end of this training, because according to her, she first learned the concept of security concept, and also the taking into account of the female presence in the security sector “Really, I can say that my expectations have been met in a practical way when it comes to acquiring training skills; now, what remains to be reinforced is the putting into practice of what we have learned in the field ”.
It should be noted that there was also the participation of other trainees in other trainings and it was a joint closing ceremony.
The delivery of the certificate and the family photo ended the said ceremony.
Source: Women's News