The Koulikoro Military School of Administration and the EMP.

The teaching of the Military School of Administration is oriented in "trades" fields, targeted on treasury, finance, private accounting, individual rights (pay, travel expenses, pensions), collective rights (management of materials, ordinary books and public interest organizations), military correspondence and oral expression techniques, all of these subjects […]

In May, do what you like!

The month of May begins strongly at the EMP, with the continuation of an 8-week ToT-Unitar internship which will end on May 12, and the start of four internships: - DDR internship, for the benefit of the Army of Land of the FAMA which sends 26 senior officers, from Tuesday 02 May to 07 May, - DDR-RSS course, […]

Where is the EMP-UNITAR partnership at?

The UNITAR project is the result of cooperation between the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) and German Cooperation, the implementation of which is ensured by the Alioune Blondin BEYE Peacekeeping School of Bamako (EMP-ABB). The objective of the project is to ensure the pre-deployment training of the Units […]

RSS Japan 02-17

On May 8, 2017, an SSR internship, Security Sector Reform, funded by Japan began, in which many actors of the Malian crisis are brought together, but not only. The school, thanks to Japan, thus offers a neutral and academic ground for them to discuss, exchange their points of view and above all [...]

Exceptional closure of FPU - UNITAR internship

On May 12, after 8 weeks of intensive practical training, 24 Malian police and gendarme trainees regaled us by carrying out for the end of their training a series of large-scale dynamic demonstrations of formidable realism. From March 20 to May 12, 2017, the first training course for trainers of […]

May 29: International Day of Blue Helmets

The General Assembly (of the UN) proclaimed May 29 as the International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers to honor all men and women who have served in peacekeeping operations, due to their exceptional level of professionalism, dedication and courage and for […]

FPU training for ECOWAS

EMPABB in partnership with GIZ organized a training course for Constituent Police Unit (UPC) contingent commanders with funding from the Federal Republic of Germany. The 15 member countries of ECOWAS, including 26 women, participated in this two-week training (May 2017 to 15, 03). The management team consisted of […]

National holiday break

On September 22, the Republic of Mali celebrated its national day, an opportunity for school executives to take a short break after a busy recovery, since September saw the school conduct no less than 8 internships, including two abroad, in Chad and Burkina Faso, such diverse internships […]

Here we go again!

This week begins two important courses: MILOBS I DEU (Military Observers) and UNPOL I DEU (United Nations Police). These two internships are funded by Germany. They both host 25 trainees from 13 and 11 countries in French-speaking Africa respectively; and last 4 weeks for one and 3 weeks for the second. […]

UNPOL Internship Labeling

The Alioune Blondin Beye Peacekeeping School (EMPABB) approached the Integrated Training Service (ITS) of the United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO) to have its UNPOL internship certified. It is a question of taking advantage of the procedure which exists at ITS and which allows the centers of […]

Goal achieved!

In 2017, in order to continue to deserve its title of center of excellence, the EMPABB decided to make an effort on the educational recognition of its teaching. Thus, out of the twenty courses given at EMPABB, four were the subject of significant work by the Directorate of Instruction so that they are recognized by the United Nations. […]

10 years already!

On Saturday March 25, the Alioune Blondin Beye Peacekeeping School celebrated its tenth anniversary, under its status as an international school of Malian law. This is an opportunity to recall a little the origins of the EMP. In the 1990s, the RECAMP concept, which aimed and still aims to contribute to the strengthening of […]

COE internship 1-17

From April 24 to 27, the EMPABB jointly organized with OMP SOLUTION a COE (Contingent Owned Equipment or Equipment for Peacekeeping Contingents) course The purpose of the course is to provide military, police and civilians in the field of material management, knowledge enabling them to better understand the […]

The Koulikoro Military School of Administration and the EMP.

The teaching of the Military School of Administration is oriented in "trades" fields, targeted on treasury, finance, private accounting, individual rights (pay, travel expenses, pensions), collective rights (management of materials, ordinary books and public interest organizations), military correspondence and oral expression techniques, all of these subjects […]

Training of trainers ToT1-18 DEU

After a week of preparation, the Alioune Blondin BEYE Peacekeeping School in Bamako resumed its activities with a week of training for its trainers, from January 15 to 19, 2018, under the leadership of Principal Commissioner Baba MARIKO, funded by the Federal Republic of Germany. This training brought together eighteen (18) participants […]

FPU-Benin pre-deployment internship

The internship took place in Benin, in Cana, from January 22 to March 1, 2018. The Alioune Blondin BEYE Peacekeeping School in Bamako (EMAPBB) and the United Nations Institute for Research and Training ( UNITAR) organized a series of Constituted Police Units (FPU) training sessions for the benefit of the forces […]


The session of the 18th Board of Directors of the school ended yesterday, Thursday, June 15, 2017, in the large conference hall. This half-yearly activity brings together the supervisory authorities, donors and the school leadership around the same table to discuss the situation, financially and technically, as well as to decide on major orientations […]


The Director General and the staff of the School of Peacekeeping Alioune Blondin Beye of Bamako wish you the best for 2016. Resolutely focused on meeting the expertise needs of Peace Support Operations on the continent, the he school is committed again this year to remaining a Center of Excellence […]


The Peacekeeping School “Alioune Blondin Beye” is taking advantage of the relative coolness that Bamako is currently experiencing to refurbish its facades. Thus, the "Command" building has had a facelift in recent days, with a site of stripping and sanding of the walls, before a repainting in due form. The […]


Closing this afternoon of the very first course of the year, the "Training of Trainers 1-2016". After a week back on the school benches, the future Temporary Instructors (IT), all Malians this time, leave better equipped to face the educational challenges that await them. In view of the school's load plan this year, and […]


Joint opening, this morning in Bamako, of the first “GENDER” and “UNPOL” courses of the year. Funded by the Netherlands and Germany respectively, they host more than 50 trainees, mainly from the ECOWAS region. Among them, many Anglophones, Gambians or Nigerians, which again shows the polyglot dimension of our institution. Framed by the fine flower […]


Closing today, January 29, 2016, at the school, of the first "GENDER and OSP" course of the year 2016. The 25 trainees followed with application this particular training which requires an excellent open-mindedness and a "gendered" approach. » conflict situations. It is therefore a successful mission for the 25 Pan-African, French-speaking and English-speaking men and women who, […]


Opening, Monday, February 1, of the first "Civil-Military Cooperation" (CIMIC) course of the year in Bamako. This new two-week course welcomes 26 men and women from French-speaking and English-speaking African countries, mainly from the ECOWAS region, plus two officers from MINUSMA. Funded by Germany, this CIMIC course is concomitant with another “UNPOL” course […]


A mobile team from the school has just returned from Gabon, after two weeks of training at the "Command Post of a Battalion in Peace Support Operation". This internship was given for the benefit of twenty army medical officers, currently in school at the School of Application of the Military Health Service of […]


A moving visit to school this morning by our friend, the “Security” cooperant from the Swiss Confederation in Mali. Indeed, present for three years in the Sahel, she is heading back to the Swiss mountains this weekend. It was therefore a visit in the form of a farewell to the Director General and to our school, for which she […]


" Always higher ! “, this beautiful motto is certainly that of the Bamakois masons who are currently working to enhance the perimeter of the school's perimeter wall. Indeed, in order to ensure better security of our right of way and to dissuade anyone from entering it at night, it was decided to increase by at least […]


The Special Representative of the African Union for Mali and head of MISAHEL always responds favorably to the invitations we send him to come and share his experience for a few hours at school. It is therefore with great pleasure that this morning, as usual, President Pierre Buyoya joined in the rolling fire of […]


Visit this morning to the school of the Deputy Director of Security and Defense Cooperation of France, the diplomat Thierry Vankerk-Hoven. He had not returned to see us since 2009 in Bamako and he was very surprised to discover how the school was now firmly in the future. After a good presentation […]


Closing with great fanfare just now of two courses 100% funded by our friends from the Swiss Confederation, the "African Peacebuilding Course" and the course "Human Rights in Peace Support Operations Peace ". These two formations were the first of their kind for 2016. They are […]


Beginning this week at the school of the very first internship "Logistics of the United Nations Missions" of the year 2016. Indeed, our friends from Canada - great experts in UN logistics if any - have recently contacted us to offer us to set up a UN logistics internship in an "express" way. With its famous […]


Resumption this week of a new course "Gender Post-Conflict" (GPC) within the walls of the school. Organized thanks to the unfailing support of our friends from the Netherlands, this course (the second of its name for 2016) has the characteristic of welcoming more women than men, which is a great success. There are therefore 26 French-speaking interns from all […]


"CIMIC", did you say "CIMIC"? Yes, it was on Monday morning that the second “Civil-Military Coordination” course of the year began within the walls of the school (“CIMIC 2016-2” promotion). 25 men and women, in civilian clothes and in uniform, have therefore joined Bamako, at the invitation of our faithful partner Germany, to face the harsh realities of […]


Back to school activities today, with a pace as fast as last week and an announced temperature above 45°. Indeed, no less than three training courses were inaugurated this morning, including a "Command Post of a United Nations Battalion" for the benefit of trainees from the Koulikouro Staff College (Mali). […]


Work of all kinds continues at school. After consolidating the surrounding walls to reinforce anti-burglary security, it was decided to give our most visible symbol, the “Dove of Peace”, a bit of a facelift. Enthroned on the fountain in the center of the school, the dove was in great need of a […]


Visit of the school and during 48 hours of our friends of the Training Center of the Armed Forces of Sweden, the SWEDINT. The Swedish evaluation delegation visited our facilities in every corner, met pan-African and MINUSMA interns, asked questions of everyone and, finally, declared itself […]


Closing, this morning in Bamako, of two pleasant courses “Human Rights in the PSOs” and “Fundamental Knowledge of the PSOs”, both labeled “2016-2”. More than 50 trainees therefore received their school certificates duly stamped with the seal of the school and the Dutch flag, the two training actions being sponsored […]


End of the work to secure the school grounds this week. As you know, the EMP has improved its passive security system by raising its perimeter wall by 50 centimeters around its entire perimeter. Then, a network of barbed wire, of the “Ribard” type, was installed over it, while the grids […]

A 100% SCHOOL ...

…of his abilities! Indeed, the weekend is barely over when new courses are already beginning at the Alioune Blondin Beye Peacekeeping School in Bamako. Opening this morning in Faladié (southern district of the Malian capital) of a "United Nations Police" training course for the benefit of 50 Pan-African trainees from the […]


Since the beginning of the week, the first edition at the EMP of a "Command Post of a United Nations Battalion" training course for 2016. There are 25 military officers, from all over the continent as far as Madagascar, who found themselves within our walls and at the invitation of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to learn all about the subtleties […]


Beginning of schooling on the hats of wheels for the promotion "UNPOL 2016-2" at the EMP of Bamako. Sponsored by the Federal Republic of Germany, this course brings together 25 representatives of the Police, the Gendarmerie, the National Guard and also other armed forces from ten countries on the continent. For three weeks, they will have to […]


It was the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Center (KAIPTC, Accra) which last week hosted the traditional meeting of the commanders of the ECOWAS Centers of Excellence. On this occasion, the EMP was represented by its Director General and a delegation of officers. In addition to the two centers of excellence already named, the National […]


Since the beginning of the week, an important medical seminar has been held within the walls of the school. This is the "Third Scientific Days of the Central Directorate of the Health Service of the Armed Forces of Mali". Bringing together more than 150 participants, military doctors, pharmacists, scientists, managers or logisticians, these Days constitute an excellent laboratory for the exchange of […]


Opening Monday morning at the school of a new course of the “African Peacebuilding Course”, better known in Bamako under the term “CONSPAIX”. 26 trainees from the "2016-2" promotion thus found themselves under the leadership of the 3C (Head of the Civilian Component) for two weeks of studies and in-depth work. […]

GPC 2016-3

It is in joy and good humor that a new session of the famous “Gender Post-Conflict” course has just started at the EMP. This is indeed the third edition of this training since the beginning of the year and it is 25 members of the Pan-African Armed Forces and civil society, men and […]


As part of the professional training of its Permanent Instructors (PI), the school was fortunate enough to once again be able to send one of its own on an internship in San-Remo (Italy). Indeed, after the "Basic Course on the Law of Armed Conflicts" followed in Salon de Provence (France) last year, the International Institute of […]


End of visit within our walls, a few minutes ago, of the Special Representative of the Secretary General (SRSG) of the United Nations in Mali and head of MINUSMA, the Chadian diplomat Mahamat Saleh Annadif. Indeed, having wished for a long time to visit our school, the head of the Blue Helmets in Mali finally found the time, […]


Closing this morning at the school of the second course "Reform of the Security Sector" jointly organized by MINUSMA and the EMP. Indeed, after last week's edition, a third and final training will take place within our walls next week. Entirely reserved for staff from Malian civil society, including staff from […]