The Koulikoro Military School of Administration and the EMP.

The teaching of the Military School of Administration is oriented in "business" areas, targeted on treasury, finance, private accounting, individual rights (balance, travel expenses, pensions), collective rights (management materials, ordinary and public interest organizations), military correspondence and oral expression techniques, all of these subjects also combining management information technology.

However, old and deep links exist with EMP. An “operational logistics” module has thus been provided by the Bamako Peacekeeping School (EMP) since 2014, allowing EMA officers to be trained in UN operations and to eventually occupy administrator positions in OPEX (type "J8"). This module includes a training course in "Fundamental knowledge of peace support operations", which most recently took place from April 10 to 14, 2017 on the EMP site (see a previous post). It thus enabled officers of the 19th promotion of the EMA, coming from 14 different nationalities, to better understand concepts as varied as the preservation of human rights, the protection of vulnerable people (children and women), respect for the rules of IHL, the ethics and deontology of the officer, but also the concern to respect the terms of the mandate under which peace support operations are carried out. These themes will undoubtedly guide the EMA officer in his operational missions as a future administrator, but also as a peace officer in a continent that is often in turmoil.

Through its training, the EMA is more than ever associated with the African architecture of peace and security and is a partner school of the EMP