Interview with Lieutenant Etoa Atangana Sandrine of the National Gendarmerie of Cameroon

Lieutenant Etoa Atangana Sandrine,
student at the Military School of Administration (EMA) of Koulikoro, was interviewed during the closing ceremony of his internship "UN-LOG DEU" at the EMP-ABB.

As part of our inter-administration training, we participated in the "UN-LOG DEU" course which took place from May 26 to June 05, 2020 within the premises of the EMP-ABB.

The work sessions via videoconference were new to me, however they were very enriching and allowed us to have our instructor by our side despite the fact that he could not go there given the context. Thanks to the teleconference, our instructor was able to easily share his knowledge and experiences. Apart from the small problems of internet connection, the quality of the course itself was of a high level and in addition, we had an instructor on site at the EMP-ABB to also take over and provide additional information.

I find that this course via videoconference was as effective as the face-to-face training, because we were always in contact with our instructor who took the time to answer all our questions. We, the trainees, also had the possibility to interrupt the course at any time in order to ask our questions and obtain more clarifications.

I thank the EMP-ABB for this new experience and especially for allowing us to continue our training despite the current situation of coronavirus. We had the opportunity to train in a secure environment since all the barrier measures and others were observed throughout the course; both in the training room and throughout the EMP-ABB. Everything went very well and it was a very rewarding experience!