This morning, moving visit to school by our friend, the “Security” worker of the Swiss Confederation in Mali. Indeed, present for three years in the Sahel, it is heading back to the Swiss mountains this weekend. So it was a farewell visit to the Director General and to our school, for which she worked a lot.

Present for a long time in Mali, Switzerland has indeed always been a leading partner for EMP: the “Fundamental Knowledge” and “CONSPAIX” courses or the “Need for ECOWAS Civil Training” workshops are the result. of its desire to move the lines in this part of the world, in a spirit of peace and social progress. Likewise, the staffing of the Civilian Component of the school was only made possible thanks to the will and funding of our Helvetian friends.

Goodbye, therefore, to our great friend and benefactress, while waiting to be able to say very soon “akwaba” to her successor in Mali.