Closing today, January 29, 2016, at the school, of the first "GENDER and OSP" course of the year 2016. The 25 trainees followed with application this particular training which requires an excellent open-mindedness and a "gendered" approach. » conflict situations.

It is therefore a successful mission for the 25 Pan-African men and women, French-speaking and English-speaking, who, at the generous invitation of the Netherlands, have been able to make progress in this area.

There is no doubt that the internship certificates issued today will allow some of them to assert their new competence in order, who knows, to be able to be recruited by an organization on the continent.

Return to their homes this afternoon, before the EMP continues to receive new trainees, from Monday morning with the start of the first "CIMIC in the PSOs" course of the year. Good luck to all !