The very first course of the year, the “Formation des Formateurs 1-2016”, ends this afternoon.

After a week back on the school benches, the future Temporary Instructors (IT), all Malians this time, leave better armed to face the educational challenges that await them.

In view of the school's load plan this year, and no doubt in 2017 as well, we suspect that IT will be put to great use in the coming months and the school is constantly looking to recruit new ones. This is why it is recommended that our future interns, during their visit to our walls, to mention their possible wish to become IT one day.

For this, the first quality sought is great professional availability, but also perfect bilingualism (French-English) and foolproof teaching qualities. The school currently has around fifty IT staff, spread across the continent.

Good luck to the new promotion, delivery of certificates at 15:00 p.m.
A nice range of Temporary Instructors ready to help “Africa united for Peace”