CARESS Masters Assessment

Assessment of the implementation of the first cohort of the Master's program in Peacekeeping and Post-Conflict State Reconstruction.

As part of a quality assurance process, the General Management of EMP-ABB initiated an external evaluation of the Post-Conflict Peacekeeping and State Reconstruction Master's program. This training program is the very first set up by its Center for Analysis and Research of the Sahelo-Saharan Space (CARESS).
Started in January 2018, the first cohort of the Master is coming to an end, with the preparation of final training briefs by the auditors. External evaluation involves examining all aspects of the program, including its strategic and practical relevance, its effectiveness in its implementation, its compliance with academic and regulatory requirements, and its sustainability. This external evaluation reinforces the self-evaluation already carried out by the team responsible for running the program.

After the interview phase with all the stakeholders, a workshop to report on the preliminary results brought together around thirty key players. It was the opportunity for the evaluation team composed of Mr. Mamadou N'Diaye, Expert in Management and Institutional Development and Mr. Paterne Aimé Petipé, Expert in Monitoring & Evaluation, to share the main results of their work. The workshop participants welcomed the relevance of the conclusions and recommendations of the evaluation and hoped that they would be fully taken into account when launching the second promotion.