Inauguration this morning July 13, 2015 of the workshop “Electoral Assistance in the PSOs” in Bamako.

For eight days, various experts, from the Malian administration as well as the UNDP or civil society, supported by permanent instructors from the school, will validate the content of a future "Electoral Assistance" course that the EMP intends to drive fairly quickly to Bamako.
Indeed, the report had been made, last year, of the particularly high number of electoral rounds to come on the continent in the coming years. A study was then launched, at the start of 2015, to define the outline and content of an electoral assistance course that we considered essential for our usual audience ("electoral assistance", and not only "electoral observation “: this future course should start from the “planning of electoral activities” and end with “securing the post-conflict electoral process”).

The experts will therefore have to return their copy by the end of the week, under the leadership of the DED so that, subsequently, their work is converted into modules and a timetable adaptable to a conventional one-week training course for 25 trainees. Pan-African.