On August 06, 2020, EMP-ABB received a donation of rugby equipment. This donation is part of the cooperation between the French elements in Senegal (EFS) and the Malian Army for the promotion of the culture of peace through the values ​​of rugby: mutual aid and mutual prosperity whatever the borders. and origins. Thank you to the CSA EFS, to the Federation of CSAs, to CSA Rugby, to the flight staff of the Casa Español for sending, to the president of the CSA Mr. Gilles Provost, and to Mr. Alain Enoka, firefighter master at the Navy of Toulon stationed in Senegal. Part of the donation was given to the Union Sportive des Forces Armées et de Sécurité (USFAS). Colonel Ponsot, Director of Studies at EMP-ABB, is responsible for all donations of sports equipment within the school through his network.