A group of African experts and instructors from the school has just met in Bamako in order to define the outline of a possible future course. The theme of the workshop was quite ambitious: “Mass Disasters and PSOs”.

Directly inspired by the consequences of the EBOLA pandemic experienced recently by the sub-region and the measures taken to counter it, the educational goals of the future course could be, among others, “understanding the terminologies and the different types of disasters; identify the different actors and their roles in disaster management; contribute to the development of a contingency plan; acquire notions of disaster medicine; acquire tools on communication in a crisis situation; study several scenarios in which a disaster management process was conducted; acquire practical knowledge to apply in a “disaster risk management” (DRM) process”.

As can be seen, the program is ambitious and very comprehensive and should be based on the latest lessons from the United Nations mission (UNMEER), set up to fight EBOLA.

The experts have now returned their copy, the standard timetable for an internship is ready, all that is left is the calendar slots available to launch this very innovative and necessary course.