School activities resume today, with a pace as sustained as last week and a temperature announced above 45 °.

Indeed, no less than three training courses were inaugurated this morning, including a "Command Post of a United Nations Battalion" for the benefit of trainees from the Koulikouro Staff College (Mali).

Intramural, it was the 50 students of the "Human Rights in the OSP" 2016-2 and "Fundamental Knowledge of the OSP" internships, also the second of the name this year, who gathered in an auditorium to receive the good word welcome. There are thus more than eleven African countries represented, as well as several members of MINUSMA, with a high percentage of first-time learners and women, in accordance with EMP policy.

Good luck to the trainees in their learning process which can only be achieved with the unfailing support of Switzerland, the Netherlands and Mali for the "PC-BAT".