EMP-ABB Former Trainees Club: Constitutive Assembly

On Saturday, September 19, 2020, the constitutive General Assembly of the association was held Alioune Blondin Beye School of Peacekeeping Alumni Club: CAS-EMPABB

The ceremony took place in the amphitheater of the school and recorded the participation of the Director General of EMP-ABB, Brigadier General Mody Béréthé, honorary president of CAS-EMP-ABB.

The program of the Constitutive General Assembly was punctuated by the reading and adoption of the internal regulations and statutes of the association; the establishment of the executive office; the sharing of testimonials from former trainees on the positive impact of training at EMP-ABB on their respective careers; a fun evaluation of club members via a general culture quiz on EMP-ABB and of course, through the traditional family photo.

The honorary president praised in his speech, the spirit of volunteerism which animated the establishment of this association. He stressed the importance of establishing a partnership between the School and the Club, on a win-win basis. In accordance with the objectives set to promote a network for sharing experiences and exchanging information, he estimated that members will be winners in the perspective of strengthening their capacities. He indicated that the School gains in more ways than one by seeing its commitment supported by a reliable network of high-quality resource persons constituting relays for the continuation and evaluation of its action. He finally reiterated the support and total adherence of EMP-ABB to the objectives that the Club has set for itself.

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