"CIMIC", did you say "CIMIC"?

Yes, it was on Monday morning that the second “Civil-Military Coordination” course of the year began within the walls of the school (“CIMIC 2016-2” promotion).

25 men and women, in civilian clothes and in uniform, therefore joined Bamako, at the invitation of our faithful partner Germany, to face the harsh realities of cooperation between various entities deployed in an operation or in a crisis zone.

Supported by experts from the United Nations Humanitarian Coordination Office (OCHA), school instructors, permanent and temporary, will thus have the opportunity to present in detail the necessary cooperation that must exist for the benefit of the populations affected by the Conflicts.

Finally, a full-scale exercise will bring this training to a close at the end of next week and realistically validate the various concepts studied.

Good luck to everyone in this new learning experience and thank you again to Germany!