CIMIC course in Bamako

Bamako, February 22, 2021 - Beginning of the Civil-Military Cooperation course at the Malian Peacekeeping School.
As representative of General Gracia, Commander of EUTM, Colonel Vincent Henkinet, of the Belgian Army, Head of the Council Pillar of EUTM, attended the opening ceremony of the Civil-Military Cooperation course ( CIMIC) in the facilities of the School of Peacekeeping.
Colonel Vincent Henkinet thanked the Director of Studies of the School, Colonel Fofana, for allowing the establishment of this course, and Colonel Doumbia, Chief of Staff of the Joint Force Sahel.
In his remarks, Colonel Henkinet encouraged the trainees to get the most out of this course as CIMIC aims to support military operations. “It is a fundamental instrument for winning the hearts and minds, and therefore the support of the civilian population. May this training enable us to achieve our common objective, which is to contribute to the stability and development of the Sahelian zone”.
Lieutenant-Colonel Joao CARVALHO of the Portuguese Army, an expert in CIMIC, will lead the course and ensure that “Every Day Counts”.