Captain Emmanuelle Youma Diagne of the Air Force trainee at CIMIC training

I learned a lot thanks to the training of EMP-ABB. Before participating in the CIMIC internship, I had no knowledge of civil-military coordination, and even less that there was an equivalence in our military armed forces, which is the ACM (civil-military action). I come out of the course with a lot of new tools, because it allowed me to know that during operations, the military must also carry out actions for civilians, including civilian assistance. This assistance can be direct or indirect depending on the mission. I learned a lot, especially that a CIMIC officer must support the mission for it to be successful. Cooperation with Aboriginal people is an important element for the success of some missions, hence the importance of knowing how to work with the interpreters. Stress management is also a factor to consider. It is constantly present hence the imperative to know how to manage it. The teachings received during this CIMIC course even go beyond military training and are applicable and useful in everyday life.
I find it important that as many people as possible can take training of this kind in order to familiarize themselves with the issues and challenges before going into the field. We hope to continue to benefit from more training at EMP-ABB to strengthen our capacities in peacekeeping.