From Monday 03 to Friday 07 August 2015, 28 participants from 13 countries of the continent discovered the fundamentals of peacekeeping at the EMP in Bamako. This was the “Fundamental Knowledge on Peacekeeping Operations” course, the aim of which was to familiarize learners with United Nations Peace Support Operations (PSOs). Funded by the International Organization of La Francophonie (OIF) which we warmly thank here, it was the 3rd internship of this type for 2015.

This training is designed to provide all personnel involved in peacekeeping (military, police and civilians) with an accelerated understanding of the principles, directives and political rights of peacekeeping, as practiced by the 'United Nations (UN), to ensure the effectiveness and consistency of field operations.

The one-week internship details the functioning of the United Nations at the strategic level, then studies the various operational mandates and their implementation. Then, the trainees discover the many components of the human societies concerned by a PSO, such as for example the Rights and the Protection of Childhood (DPE). Finally, the internship is concluded by a fourth module dedicated to the staff of PSOs, presenting their rights and duties.

The next "CONNFOND" course should take place in Bamako at the end of September 2015.