Major opening this morning at the amphitheater of the Alioune Blondin Bèye Peacekeeping School: this is one of the first times that the school has simultaneously hosted three courses armed only by its instructors. To the "United Nations Police" (funded by Germany) and "Human Rights in Peace Support Operations (PSO)" (funded by Switzerland) training courses, respectively fourth and fifth in name for this year, a very special type of course was added this week.

Indeed, after observing that the action of the UN mission in Mali was often little or badly known (and more generally the theoretical knowledge of the missions, mandates and means of a PSO in Africa), it was imagined to train media actors in this field. This is why 76 Malian journalists were invited to come and follow a complete training course “Fundamental Knowledge of OSPs” (CONNFOND).

Thus, these men and women coming from all the media in the country will be able, for a week, to receive the knowledge necessary for a perfect understanding of a PSO. The program is identical to a usual CONNFOND course, ie quite comprehensive in the topics covered. The same initiative is planned by the end of the year with members of the teaching staff and officials of the administration of Mali. These actions are all funded by the Republic of Mali.

The school is therefore home to around 120 trainees this week, which is a real challenge, both logistically and in terms of faculty management, fortunately reinforced by Temporary Instructors (IT) and quality external speakers.