Arrival: Major Anton Balmer, Swiss cooperant and permanent instructor at EMP-ABB

Enrichment of EMP-ABB personnel with the arrival of Major (= Commander) Anton Balmer as permanent instructor.

On Monday November 16, 2020, Major Switzerland (Commander) Anton Balmer joined EMP-ABB as a permanent instructor. Throughout his military career, which began in 1979, Major Balmer held many positions in the infantry trade as well as in various educational and psychological services. Among his many assignments abroad in the field of peacekeeping, he served several times as a military or civilian observer within the United Nations (UN) as well as the Security Organization. and cooperation in Europe (OSCE). Major Balmer was deployed to Georgia, Ethiopia and participated in monitoring the truce in the Middle East. In the capacity building sector, he worked at the Kenya peacekeeping center, the IPSTC (International Peace Support Training Center) as responsible for the evaluation of the training, the management of the platform. POTI e-learning form and the establishment of computer labs.

Major Anton Balmer's presence is part of the partnership between the Alioune Blondin Beye Peacekeeping School in Bamako and Switzerland via the Swiss Cooperation Office in Mali (SDC). Thus, in his capacity as a permanent instructor at the school, he participates in supervision and training by sharing his experience and expertise with police, military and civilian trainees on issues relating to peacekeeping.

The School is very happy to have one more member coming to digitally strengthen its teams of trainers and welcome Major Anton Balmer to the great family of EMP-ABB in Bamako.