Aliou Blondin Beye School: For mismanagement the CEO, General Cheick Fantamadi sacked

The Peacekeeping School has just changed tenants. Its outgoing DG was put behind the contributors of the institution, who did not hesitate to write to the guardianship of the place.

Arrived in June 2018 at the head of the structure, Cheick Fantamadi Dembélé was thanked. At the last Council of Ministers, he was replaced when he had just blown his first candle in business. From well-introduced sources, its spectacular reversal is the deleterious situation within the Peacekeeping school. The management of the General thanked would be opaque, according to the same sources, and his management would have been at the origin of an unbearable arm wrestling with the countries which finance his service.

Ultimately, the dismissal of General Cheick Fantamadi Dembelé results from a disavowal of the PTs and their threat to turn off the tap. It should be noted that exactly 13 countries contribute financially to the functioning of the structure. But the differences of view between PTF and the General risked having an impact on the relations they have had for many years with Mali.

A fairgrounds characterizing the space dedicated to peace and bearing the name of Alioune Blondin Beye which will therefore lead to the departure of Cheick F. DEMBELE. The Defense Minister, who is the PCA, was even seized by Germany, confide our sources. These indiscretions indicate that Canada, the Netherlands and England are among the contributors who crossed swords with the dismissed director general of the school AliouBlonlin BÈYE. This means that Koulouba knew what was going on internally, especially that the board of directors is made up of ambassadors from the contributing countries.

While the government multiplies the calls to respect the promises made concerning international funding, the state could not afford a discredit of any kind. Make way for Colonel-Major Mody BERETHE, who will have to reset the counters to be in compliance with the requirements of the Board of Directors.