Closing with great fanfare just now of two courses 100% funded by our friends from the Swiss Confederation, the "African Peacebuilding Course" and the course "Human Rights in Peace Support Operations Peace ". Both formations were the first of their kind for 2016.

More than 50 trainees from 13 African countries (including many Congolese) gathered in front of the photographer's lens to immortalize the moment, despite the severe heat that reigns in Bamako during this season.

Note that several MINUSMA members were present to follow these two training courses, some of whom came from the Gao or Timbuktu sectors, as provided for in the new partnership agreement concluded with the UN mission.

Finally, a vibrant tribute was paid to the Temporary Instructors (IT) who came to reinforce the Permanent Instructors (IP) of the school, and without whom it would be illusory to want to keep the ambitious objectives that are ours.

Welcome back to all, and long live, as required by the motto of the EMP, "Africa United for Peace". And thanks again to Switzerland!