Argentinian article on EMPABB, published in Magazine N °: 597 of the Argentine Army School of War

Latin American collaboration of a former permanent instructor of EMPABB

The feeling of belonging to our peacekeeping school transcends latitudes and time limits.

In this case, we highlight the publication of an article on the EMP, written by Mr. Colonel Alejandro García, of the Argentine Republic, who worked at the Institute as a permanent instructor, and was part of "the founding team" in 2007 and 2008.

Colonel Garcia ("Magister of National Defense" of the National Defense University of his country) published, in the Magazine N°: 597, of the Superior School of War of the Argentine army, an article of value on our school, in order to highlight for its military comrades and the Argentine community its specificities.

This publication, in itself, is an example of the affection and attachment of this old officer to Mali and to the “Alioune Blondin Bèye” school.

Through its dissemination on our website, we wish to emphasize the universality of our Institution, which is also beginning to be known because of its great reputation on the Latin American continent.

This is the reason why we publish the respective document in its original format (in Spanish), as a sample of the internationality of our Center, which, as you can see, knows no borders.

We thank once again Mr. Colonel GARCIA, on behalf of all the members of the EMP family, for his time spent in drafting this document, as well as his permanent support and his friendship for "our school", which is also and of course "his".