Closing with great fanfare on Friday, July 10, 2015 of the second "Gender Post-Conflict" (GPC) course of 2015. 28 trainees received their certificates from the hands of the 1st Counselor of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Mali .

Needless to say, our great pride in having succeeded, for the very first time in Bamako, in bringing together so many women, civilians and in uniform, for this exceptional two-week course.

The representative of the Netherlands confided, at the end of the ceremony, how impressed he was by the apparent motivation of the participants to operationalize the teachings received here in an academic way. He was also satisfied with the way in which the school had been able, in a few months, to translate an "effect" to be sought on the ground formulated by the Netherlands, into a fairly complete course and struck at the corner of common sense and efficiency.

The school should be able to renew this “Post-Conflict Gender” activity with its Dutch partner from November this year.
(Article of the "Echoes" edition of July 13, 2015)