The session of the 18th Board of Directors of the school ended yesterday, Thursday, June 15, 2017, in the large conference hall. This biannual activity brings together around the same table the supervisory authorities, the donors and the school leadership to discuss the situation, financial and technical, as well as to decide on the major strategic orientations that engage the future of the school. EMPABB.

And the results are very positive, because the efforts of EMPABB staff have been rewarded.

Indeed, the representative of the Kingdom of Denmark announced the return of his country to the Board of Directors. This is excellent news because, by returning to the Council table, the Danes offer the school greater visibility on its medium-term future and will enable it to prepare the future 5-year strategic plan on the basis of more solid.

It should also be remembered that the Kingdom of Denmark is a historic partner: the function of Director of Doctrine Studies has long been held by a senior officer of the armed forces of this country, and the current buildings of the school have been financed in part by the Denmark in 2007, the central building today called the education building among others.

Among the elements presented, we can highlight that 48 internships have already been carried out by the school, to train 1530 interns. The pace of training has therefore not weakened and is continuing the momentum of 2016.

This can only grow, since the building to host a third simultaneous internship in our walls will be completed at the end of August. An expansion of the kitchens and the catering service, financed by Japan, will be done in parallel for their reception. The bar of 3000 annual interns is in sight!